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Ryder the Cavalier Could use YOUR Help

Yesterday was a day of crazy events.  After coming back from a meeting my phone was blowing up with text messages!

  1. My daughter’s car was parked in front of her friends house and was hit
  2. Our little foster puppy who was just adopted had broken his back bad leg

OMG what a crazy afternoon!!

After taking care of my daughter first and all of the insurance calls I was feeling much better.  Well, pizza and a couple of beers last night helped too! LOL!

Ryder the Cavalier

Ryder the Cavalier

Ryder the Cavalier

After a few text back and forth with Ryder’s new mommy it sounds like the vet believes after this break heals his back will need to be rebuilt.

Ryder was seriously one of the best little foster puppies we have ever had the pleasure of fostering.

So – I am pulling out an all out fundraiser to help rebuild his little leg and need YOUR help!!

We have set up a Go Fund Me Account for Ryder the Cavalier!!  We ask that if you can please donate (even a small donation makes a HUGE difference) and share the link on your social media.  Let’s all pull together and help Ryder!!

Puppy Mills 🙁

Ryder came to us from a puppy mill.  Dogs like Ryder who having medical issues, look different and not up to pure breed standards go up for auction to the highest bidder since they are no good to the mill.

When rescues take in these dogs we have no idea medically what is wrong until seen by our vets or the medical issues arise.  We have wonderful families who adopt from us, but our fosters are FOREVER part of our family and we swing into action to help when we can.

Ryder is only six months old and deserves the best life possible.  Please if you can, 1. donate today and 2. ALWAYS adopt not shop!

Thank you friends for any and all help!  Please stay tuned as we are working on more fundraising events to help Ryder.

Kate XO