About Me

My name is Kate (or Katherine, but never KATHY…ick) and I am OBSESSED with Pure Barre and love sharing my passion of cooking amazing and EASY vegan meals!

How did this become vegan?

Well, in 2012, I caught glimpse of a photo that was taken of me and I was shocked at how much weight I had put on.  I was using the excuse that I was getting older, I had two kids, I worked full time, so it was okay.  Truly, I was miserable.

Cue the tiny violins.

So, I knew it was time not for a “diet” but a life style change (seriously, another diet? I was done with that crap).  Time to find away to have balance.  Eat healthy, make it easy and quick, still have my wine and make time for ME while doing it all.

Eating a Vegan (or plant based) diet became my HEALTHY obsession.

Between my strong passion and ridiculous commitment to trying new recipes and ideas, my love for vegan cooking took off. Eventually I discovered how to take some of my favorite non-vegan recipes and make them vegan and healthy.  No crazy ingredients, but items I could easily find at Wal-Mart.

Since then, I discovered Pure Barre.  55 minutes of sweat and love.  What a great way to destress after a crazy day at work AND I lost over 20 pounds!  It makes drinking wine doable! I have to say the Pure Barre community is amazing.  Women lifting each other up, so powerful!

At the end of the day I am here to hopeful motivate, inspire and share my crazy life.

I am human.  I struggle daily to do it all, give it my best and at the end of the day just want to curl up in bed with my husband and five dogs.  Yes, I have FIVE dogs lol! Please know I am always here for advice and support!  Here it to balance of a heathy diet and taking care of YOU!