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Finding Balance After Your Summer Vacation

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes a little “overboard” when it comes to vacation time.  Bad eating choices, too much wine and not enough exercise.  Am I right?

Jerome, AZ

Jerome, AZ

I also tell myself to relax and enjoy.  It’s allowing yourself those times that makes life so much fun.  BUT you need to also remember “balance” and that you can’t live like that 25/7/365.  When vacation is over, so is the over indulging.

Jerome, AZ

My husband and I just enjoyed a long weekend up north to one of our favorite haunted mining towns – Jerome, Arizona.  If you live in Arizona and have never been to Jerome – you are totally missing out!

Jerome has fun little hotels to stay in (some haunted!), great places to eat, shopping, music, amazing winery’s to visit and a few spirits wondering around town if you’re in to seeing dead people! LOL!

Okay, so not that all of that “vacationing” is over it’s time to pay for all of the damage you now see on the scale!

Magic Pill – Undo the Vacation Damage

Why, oh why can’t their be some magic pill to undo all of that vacation damage? Life just isn’t that nice I guess, so time for some hard work to get back in shape and cleaning it all up.

Tips to get started:

  1. Start that first breakfast back with a power packed Green Smoothie or Juice
  2. Re-hydrate (the more water the better)
  3. Catch up on sleep, it does a body good
  4. Embrace the veggies, fill up your lunch and dinner plate with lots of veggies
  5. The day after vacation, get back into your healthy routine and hit the gym

It may take a good week to see those vacation pounds disappear, but the sooner you start the sooner you’ll see the results!  Those first couple of days may be painful, but remember back to your pre vacation days and how great you felt.  You’ll be there again before you know it!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer – go forth and vacation!!

Kate XO

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