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Ryder the Cavalier Could use YOUR Help

Yesterday was a day of crazy events.  After coming back from a meeting my phone was blowing up with text messages!

  1. My daughter’s car was parked in front of her friends house and was hit
  2. Our little foster puppy who was just adopted had broken his back bad leg

OMG what a crazy afternoon!!

After taking care of my daughter first and all of the insurance calls I was feeling much better.  Well, pizza and a couple of beers last night helped too! LOL!

Ryder the Cavalier

Ryder the Cavalier

Ryder the Cavalier

After a few text back and forth with Ryder’s new mommy it sounds like the vet believes after this break heals his back will need to be rebuilt.

Ryder was seriously one of the best little foster puppies we have ever had the pleasure of fostering.

So – I am pulling out an all out fundraiser to help rebuild his little leg and need YOUR help!!

We have set up a Go Fund Me Account for Ryder the Cavalier!!  We ask that if you can please donate (even a small donation makes a HUGE difference) and share the link on your social media.  Let’s all pull together and help Ryder!!

Puppy Mills 🙁

Ryder came to us from a puppy mill.  Dogs like Ryder who having medical issues, look different and not up to pure breed standards go up for auction to the highest bidder since they are no good to the mill.

When rescues take in these dogs we have no idea medically what is wrong until seen by our vets or the medical issues arise.  We have wonderful families who adopt from us, but our fosters are FOREVER part of our family and we swing into action to help when we can.

Ryder is only six months old and deserves the best life possible.  Please if you can, 1. donate today and 2. ALWAYS adopt not shop!

Thank you friends for any and all help!  Please stay tuned as we are working on more fundraising events to help Ryder.

Kate XO

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Finding Balance After Your Summer Vacation

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes a little “overboard” when it comes to vacation time.  Bad eating choices, too much wine and not enough exercise.  Am I right?

Jerome, AZ

Jerome, AZ

I also tell myself to relax and enjoy.  It’s allowing yourself those times that makes life so much fun.  BUT you need to also remember “balance” and that you can’t live like that 25/7/365.  When vacation is over, so is the over indulging.

Jerome, AZ

My husband and I just enjoyed a long weekend up north to one of our favorite haunted mining towns – Jerome, Arizona.  If you live in Arizona and have never been to Jerome – you are totally missing out!

Jerome has fun little hotels to stay in (some haunted!), great places to eat, shopping, music, amazing winery’s to visit and a few spirits wondering around town if you’re in to seeing dead people! LOL!

Okay, so not that all of that “vacationing” is over it’s time to pay for all of the damage you now see on the scale!

Magic Pill – Undo the Vacation Damage

Why, oh why can’t their be some magic pill to undo all of that vacation damage? Life just isn’t that nice I guess, so time for some hard work to get back in shape and cleaning it all up.

Tips to get started:

  1. Start that first breakfast back with a power packed Green Smoothie or Juice
  2. Re-hydrate (the more water the better)
  3. Catch up on sleep, it does a body good
  4. Embrace the veggies, fill up your lunch and dinner plate with lots of veggies
  5. The day after vacation, get back into your healthy routine and hit the gym

It may take a good week to see those vacation pounds disappear, but the sooner you start the sooner you’ll see the results!  Those first couple of days may be painful, but remember back to your pre vacation days and how great you felt.  You’ll be there again before you know it!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer – go forth and vacation!!

Kate XO

Grilled Balsamic Tofu and Asparagus
healthy vegan Vegan Main Meals

Summer Grilling – Grilled Balsamic Tofu and Asparagus

Summer is coming!

Grilled Balsamic Tofu and Asparagus

Grilled Balsamic Tofu and Asparagus

Which calls for more grilling!!  When it’s way too hot to cook inside I am always looking for easy dinners to grill up in the backyard, and this Grilled Balsamic Tofu and Asparagus recipe is one of my go-to recipes!  The balsamic tofu mixed with the cool cucumber and avocado just go hand-in-hand for the perfect warm weather meal.

This recipe is quick, easy and good hot or cold, makes great leftovers!

Tofu Grilling Tips

My husband and I are obsessed with grilling tofu and have discovered a few tips along the way:

  • Use Extra Firm Tofu for the best outcome
  • The longer you marinade your tofu the more flavor it will adsorb
  • To avoid your tofu from sticking to the grill, use a heavy duty tin foil and spray with cooking spray to cook your tofu on
  • Add some of your marinade as grilling by drizzling on top of your tofu
  • Grill tofu to your liking, we like ours more done and crispy on the outside
Grilled Vegan Roasted Carrot Sandwiches
vegan Vegan Main Meals

Hello June & Grilled Vegan Roasted Carrot Sandwiches

Hello June

Hello June

Hello June!

Feels like this year is just FLYING by!  I mean really, it’s June already?!  When did that happen?

With June now here it’s that slap in the face saying, “ummm…hello it’s bathing suit season!” Ugh, those three little words every woman hates: bathing-suit-season.

Soooo, time to clean up the diet, brush off my shoulder injury and get back to Barre and healthy eating!  My husband wasn’t too interested in a “carrot sandwich,” but I got him to try it and…. he loved it!!  He was shocked a “carrot sandwich” could actually taste good lol!

What makes this sandwich so good is not just the roasted carrots, but the hummus, avocado, arugula and then to top it off -> grilling it!  Delish!

Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are one of the healthiest veggies out there you can eat.  AND you can pretty much always find them at any grocery store, gotta love that.  Want to know what else is great about carrots?