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kate & kale Apparel Now Online

FINALLY- Barre & Vegan Apparel Now Available

kate & kale Apparel Now Online

Kate & kale apparel is now ONLINE! New items being added daily.

Don’t see something you’re looking for or you have a great idea – email me and I would be glad to help make it a reality!

My goal is to share some of my favorite design weather it’s to wear at barre, home or around town!  Life is too short to not have fun.

All items on kate & kale are made to order, and if you have any questions regarding to size and fit, please feel free to email me anytime!


New items are being added daily!!

Even Vegan’s Barbecue

One of the highlights of last weekend was Barbecue Grill shopping!  Yes, we don’t eat meat…but even vegan’s barbecue! The nice thing about being vegan and shopping for a barbecue grill is that you don’t need a lot of fancy options.

Great deals out there on grills right now!  Home Depot was our choice of spot for purchasing our new baby.  Best feature on the grill? It has a bottle opener!  LOL!  It’s the little things in life…..maybe we do need those fancy options!

Saturday night we fired up the grill and threw on our favorite vegan burgers – Beyond Meat Beast Burger!  These are by far the BEST vegan burger.  They stay together great and are perfect for grilling up!  Side dish was balsamic mushrooms and asparagus, all grilled.  Oh, and on the side burner – vegan barbecued baked beans!

Not sure why we haven’t purchased a grill sooner!?!

Delish vegan gill recipes coming soon to kate & kate – that I promise!!

Stay Healthy!

Kate XO

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