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Look at you, you have a baby…in a barre.

Love the movie Sweet Home Alabama, I mean who doesn’t love that move?!?  Every time I think of Pure Barre and see someone bring a baby in I THINK OF THAT LINE! LOL!

One part of my life that I am very passionate about is Pure Barre (please not that I do not work for Pure Barre, just an obsessed fan!).  My normal exercise routine has always been walking, nothing exciting but it got the job done.  Living in Arizona walking is great most of the year, but come June through September, it’s the last thing anyone wants to do.

I am always researching new workouts and gyms in my area, but always too chicken to go try them out my myself.  I was in the mood for something new and something I could actually do.  I am the most NON-ATHLETIC person EVER.  I have NO aerobic skills. Can’t climb a rope.  Can’t catch a ball.  Seriously, I am lucky that I can walk and chew gum at the same time lol!

In May before Mother’s Day last year one of my Facebook friends posted about Pure Barre and a special they were running that day.  $5 for a class, that’s doable I thought.  Since it was for Mother’s Day I talked my 19 year-old daughter into going with me!

I was hooked the after the first class!  The class moved at a pace I could keep up with, everyone was so nice and encouraging and I was in there for 55 minutes unable to escape!! Pure Barre has great ways to keep you motivated, like after 100 class you’re part of the 100 Club!  I hit that a couple of months ago now working on hitting the 250 club.  Have I seen changes in my body after 9 months of class? I’ve dropped about 25 lbs. (thanks to diet too), I feel amazing, love my arms and over all love being part of such a great group of women!  It’s a real community of supportive women.  Trust me, after nine months I STILL cannot do a lot of the moves, but the all-over body workout just works for me.

One of my goals here at kate and kale is to share my creative side and offer a fun line of apparel for my barre squad girls AND their future superstars!  Trust me there will also be LOTS of fun designs for us adults as well.

Looking for something today?  Please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you!

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”. – John F. Kennedy
XO Kate

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